Jan Palach ’69


Selections from texts and documents and pictures from the publication Jan Palach ‘69 will be published here. (FF UK – Togga – ÚSTR, Praha 2009). As an addition, the second sermon by minister and professor Jakub S. Trojan delivered on 19 January 2011 during a commemorative religious service in the church of St Thomas in the Lesser Town is included.

Document editions

Petr Blažek: “Operation Palach”. Documents of the Ministry of the Interior 1969–1974

Proposal by Jan Palach addressed to the student leader Lubomír Holeček to occupy Czech Radio (6 January 1969)

A draft of a letter by Jan Palach found in a notebook among his personal belongings in Charles University dormitory Spořilov (16 January 1969)

1. A letter by Jan Palach to Ladislav Žižka (16 January 1969)

A letter by Jan Palach to Lubomír Holeček (16 January 1969)

A letter by Jan Palach to the Union of Czechoslovak Writers (16 January 1969)

The resolution by the members of the Investigation Unit of the police captain Jiří Ryant and major Miroslav Novák to stop the prosecution connected to the self-immolation of Jan Palach (26 June 1969)

“Operation Palach” Images