School photograph of Jan Palach´s class in the Všetaty elementary school. He is in the middle of the third row (Source: Jan Palach´s archives)
Description of Jan Palach, written by the management of the Všetaty elementary school upon request of the police investigators, 3 March, 1969 (Source: ABS)
School building in Všetaty, 2008 (Photo by Petr Blažek)
School building in Všetaty, 2008 (Photo by Petr Blažek)
Jan Palach´s commemorative plaque on the school building, 2008 (photo by Petr Blažek)
The writer Miroslav Slach was one of Palach´s teachers; he wrote a memoirs book Světlo v soumraku (Light in Dusk) at the occasion of 25th anniversary of Palach´s act (Source: archives of Petr Blažek)
Exhibition dedicated to Jan Palach in the Všetaty elementary school, 2007 (Source: archives of Petr Blažek)
Jan Palach´s bust in the entrance hall of the Všetaty elementary school, 14 January, 2012 (Source: archives of Petr Blažek)
Jan Palach´s bust was revealed by Václav Havel on 16 January 1999 (Source: Věrni zůstaneme (We Will Remain Faithful)
Cover of the collection of texts published by Jan Palach Association in 1999 (Source: Věrni zůstaneme (We Will Remain Faithful)

Jan Palach’s commemorative plaque and bust

Všetaty, Komenského 375

“He was very polite and attentive both to classmates and adults, in and outside school, he continued to respect teachers even if he did not go to the local school anymore...”

Extract from Jan Palach’s description by the principal of the elementary school in Všetaty, 3 March 1969.

Jan Palach attended elementary school from 1954 to 1963. The school was opened in 1907, and it is situated in Všetaty square.

In 1990, Společnost Jana Palacha (Jan Palach Association) created a commemorative plaque which was placed next to the school entrance. On the plaque, there is a symbol of a burning torch and an inscription that reads: In 1954–1963, JAN PALACH WAS A PUPIL OF OUR SCHOOL * 11. 8. 1948 + 19. 1. 1969.

In 1996, the association opened Jan Palach’s memorial exhibition with some of his personal belongings, letters, and documents. The association also initiated the creation of a bust of Jan Palach made by sculptor Vlasta Prachatická. It was unveiled on 16 January 1999 by the President of the Czech Republic, Václav Havel. The bust is located in the school entrance hall, and it stands on a wooden pedestal in front of a plaque that reads: JAN PALACH.